about us

Texans for True Conservatives (TFTC) are volunteer Texas patriots from all walks of life, business and communities who have a vested interest in maintaining real Texas values.

We support traditional Texas values that include our unique Texas sovereignty, Life, the 2nd Amendment, extremely limited government, balanced budgets, low taxes, school choice, religious freedom, strong military and law enforcement, privacy rights and all other values Texans hold dear.

Texans for True Conservatives was founded by freedom-loving Patriots who are Free Enterprise capitalists and committed to preserving Texas conservative values.

Texans for True Conservatives is dedicated to supporting REAL Texas Conservatives and exposing those politicians and government officials who claim to be Conservative, but who are not.

about us

Texans for True Conservatives is a registered Political Action Committee under regulations set forth by the Federal Election Commission. TFTC is not associated with any candidate’s campaign or any specific political party. Donations to TFTC are not tax deductible under IRS guidelines.