We separate the real Texas conservatives from the fake ones.

Has your candidate signed the Texas Conservative Pledge?



For many years in Texas, we could count on Republicans to staunchly defend Texas Conservative values. Sadly, the average Republican today is not the ultimate defender of Texas Conservative values in which most Texans cherish.

Real conservatives know all too well, that moving to middle ultimately leads to losing Texas elections. Yet, many Texas Republicans are funded by out-of-state lobbyists and big money donors and are beholden to their values instead of ours.

Our job at Texans for True Conservatives is to separate the real Texas conservatives from the fake ones. How do we do that?

By asking them to “pledge” to a contract with Texans to only vote for OUR conservative values and to heavily weigh each voting decision they make, whether in Washington, D.C., Austin, or in your local Texas communities with OUR values and both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions.

For those that sign their name and their sacred honor to this pledge, we will consider an endorsement upon further discussions, review of any voting record (if applicable) and other criteria we may establish from time-to-time at our sole discretion. For those that don’t – a simple but straightforward warning. While we recruit, groom and finance opponents of the fake Republican conservatives, we will continually expose current and past voting records that contradict with conservative Texas values.

Volunteer and/or donate today and join us as we remake Texas leadership in Texas’ image.

God Bless Texas!