A Statement From Our Founder

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your past support of this PAC.  We are currently winding down the PAC and are no longer accepting donations.

The decision to end this PAC did not come lightly.  As you know, our efforts to design a conservative pledge in order to publicly identify the “real conservatives” in local, state, and federal elections were bold and innovative.  In many cases, we quickly identified candidates and officeholders who claimed their conservative credentials yet would not sign a pledge to the ideals they claimed to espouse.  That was exactly the first mission of the PAC, and we quickly identified candidates who would not take the pledge.

What became disconcerting to us was the self-proclaimed “conservative” candidates and in particular current officeholders at the state and federal levels who signed the pledge yet had no intent to follow it.   The stark truth is the majority of those you see on this site who signed the pledge have not adhered to their commitment.  Some are household names…

We have decided to leave this site up for voters to come back and see if officeholders and candidates followed their pledges. We will warn you; you will be disappointed…

This does not mean we give up the fight – but the battlefield will change for us.  We believe that Washington, D.C. is so corrupt and that the general voting public is generally uninformed and uneducated by choice, so much so – that D.C. is not fixable.

Add to those facts our shared belief that the GOP has not permanently fixed the integrity of our voting systems – and you have officeholders that have aligned themselves with the powered interests in large corporate, union, defense industry/complex, and governmental agencies that keep the status quo and ensure officeholders such as Lindsay Graham, John Cornyn, Dan Crenshaw and many others in power.  It’s virtually impossible for a grass-roots conservative to unseat any of these RINO Republicans without multi-million-dollar campaign coffers – which in turn would require them to align with the same folks that make it impossible to unseat these RINO’s in the first place.

We will turn our efforts to Austin and to Texas.  The corruption and politics of corruption are also rampant in Austin with the Texas Legislature – and we are by no means void of Texas RINO’s (Jeff Leach, Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, etc.).  

Our focus instead will be to press for the TEXIT referendum, and the pursuit and ultimate goal of the citizens of Texas altering their government as they see fit under the God-given right of Self-Determination!

God Bless Texas

David Roberts, Founder  



For many years in Texas, we could count on Republicans to staunchly defend Texas Conservative values. Sadly, the average Republican today is not the ultimate defender of Texas Conservative values in which most Texans cherish.

Real conservatives know all too well, that moving to middle ultimately leads to losing Texas elections. Yet, many Texas Republicans are funded by out-of-state lobbyists and big money donors and are beholden to their values instead of ours.

Our job at Texans for True Conservatives is to separate the real Texas conservatives from the fake ones. How do we do that?

By asking them to “pledge” to a contract with Texans to only vote for OUR conservative values and to heavily weigh each voting decision they make, whether in Washington, D.C., Austin, or in your local Texas communities with OUR values and both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions.

For those that sign their name and their sacred honor to this pledge, we will consider an endorsement upon further discussions, review of any voting record (if applicable) and other criteria we may establish from time-to-time at our sole discretion. For those that don’t – a simple but straightforward warning. While we recruit, groom and finance opponents of the fake Republican conservatives, we will continually expose current and past voting records that contradict with conservative Texas values.

Volunteer and/or donate today and join us as we remake Texas leadership in Texas’ image.

God Bless Texas!