Texas House District 53 Candidate Wesley Virdell Has Signed the Texas Conservative Pledge


Wesley Virdell, GOP candidate for Texas House District 53 has signed The Texas Conservative Pledge.

“At a time when most legislators are destroying our liberties and growing the size of government, I will fight against their socialist agenda. I am proud to sign the Texas Conservative Pledge and look forward to fighting for our values in Austin,” stated Virdell when asked why she signed The Texas Conservative Pledge.

“Wesley is a deeply-rooted Texan, encompassing those traditional values that conservative Texans demand in their leaders. Wesley is in the mold of a bold new Texas proven conservative who is not afraid to challenge the Austin establishment in either party. Most of all, Wesley is dedicated to the number one task we ask our elected leaders – which is to ensure our liberty,” said David Roberts, Director of Texans for True Conservatives.

Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Wesley Virdell is a veteran and small business owner in the Transportation Industry. Like many hardworking Texans, Wesley places a priority on faith, family, and freedom. A few short years after graduating from Brady High School in 1998, Wesley served in the U.S. Air Force where he worked on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and served as a Military Training Leader.

Equipped with proven leadership, experience, and a love for Texas values, Wesley ran for Texas’ 11th Congressional District in 2020. Beating all odds in a $3.4M race, he made quite a statement when he placed third out of ten candidates while spending the least per vote.

A 2020 State Delegate for the RPT and 2020 National Delegate for the RNC, Wesley now serves as the Texas Hill Country Coordinator for Gun Owners of America.

Wesley and his wife of 19 years, Sara, live in Brady, TX, and have three boys: Van, 17, Madden, 15, and Kingston, 10.

After watching TX Rep. Andrew Murr remain silent while big government-mandated masks, shut down businesses, and destroy family incomes, Wesley decided to take action.

With the support of his family and countless liberty-loving Texas patriots, Wesley has announced his candidacy for Texas State House Representative in HD53 and vows to put Texas First by fighting for more liberty and less government.

Texas House District 53 encompasses a wide swath of Texas counties that include the communities of Bandera, Rocksprings, Ozona, Junction, Llano, and south of San Antonio to Hondo.

About The Pledge

The Texans for True Conservatives PAC (a Super Pac) was formed to support “real” Texas Constitutional Conservatives who are dedicated to honoring their pledge to true conservative values at the local, state, and federal levels. The TexasCPAC will hold all candidates who pledge to strict adherence to their pledge in their individual voting records, as well as expose candidates who did not “pledge” and who are not likely to uphold our conservative Texas values.

Visit our Endorsed Candidates page to find out what Texas candidates are “true” conservatives.

About Texans for True Conservatives:

Texans for True Conservatives (TFTC) are volunteer Texas patriots from all walks of life, business and communities who have a vested interest in maintaining real Texas values. We support traditional Texas values that include our unique Texas sovereignty, Life, the 2nd Amendment, extremely limited government, balanced budgets, low taxes, school choice, religious freedom, strong military and law enforcement, privacy rights and all other values Texans hold dear. Texans for True Conservatives was founded by entrepreneur, Best-selling author, CEO and conservative political activist David Thomas Roberts. Texans for True Conservatives is dedicated to supporting REAL Texas Conservatives and exposing those politicians and government officials who claim to be Conservative, but who are not.

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