Texas House District 3 Candidate Kelly McDonald Has Signed the Texas Conservative Pledge

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Kelly McDonald, GOP candidate for Texas House District 3 has signed The Texas Conservative Pledge.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement. It shows that I am the true conservative who will protect and defend our God-given rights guaranteed by our U.S. and Texas Constitutions. I will work tirelessly to end property tax, protect our 2nd Amendment rights, secure our borders and protect the unborn,” stated McDonald when asked why she signed The Texas Conservative Pledge.

“Kelly is a true Texas conservative who will protect our values and fight every day in Austin. Kelly represents the new breed of Texas State Representative, bold and courageous who will not bow to the good-ole-boy self-serving establishment and status quo. We wholeheartedly support her candidacy and strongly encourage her constituents to send a real conservative to Austin,” said David Roberts, Director of Texans for True Conservatives.

McDonald is a mother of three, married for 27 years, and has been involved in the local real estate business. Her resume also includes international business, living in South Korea and the United Kingdom. Hailing from Quitman, Texas – a small East Texas community, her Texas roots are deep. McDonald also coaches middle school and high school basketball and track and was awarded the highest designation of Master Trustee by the Texas Association of School Boards. She has been heavily involved in public policy in federal legislation impacting education in front of the U.S. Congress.

Texas House District 3 has a re-drawn map that encompasses Houston-area suburban and rural communities such as Brookshire, Hempstead, Magnolia, Montgomery, Porter, Grangerland, and Oakhurst, stretching from I-10 West, north to near Lake Conroe and then east to near Lake Houston Hempstead, Magnolia, Montgomery, Porter, Grangerland and Oakhurst, stretching from I-10 West, north to near Lake Conroe and then east to near Lake.

About The Pledge

The Texans for True Conservatives PAC (a Super Pac) was formed to support “real” Texas Constitutional Conservatives who are dedicated to honoring their pledge to true conservative values at the local, state, and federal levels. The TexasCPAC will hold all candidates who pledge to strict adherence to their pledge in their individual voting records, as well as expose candidates who did not “pledge” and who are not likely to uphold our conservative Texas values.

Visit our Endorsed Candidates page to find out what Texas candidates are “true” conservatives.

About Texans for True Conservatives:

Texans for True Conservatives (TFTC) are volunteer Texas patriots from all walks of life, business and communities who have a vested interest in maintaining real Texas values. We support traditional Texas values that include our unique Texas sovereignty, Life, the 2nd Amendment, extremely limited government, balanced budgets, low taxes, school choice, religious freedom, strong military and law enforcement, privacy rights and all other values Texans hold dear. Texans for True Conservatives was founded by entrepreneur, Best-selling author, CEO and conservative political activist David Thomas Roberts. Texans for True Conservatives is dedicated to supporting REAL Texas Conservatives and exposing those politicians and government officials who claim to be Conservative, but who are not.

Media Contact:

David Roberts