Texans for True Conservatives Announces Support For Texas Independence Referendum

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On the 185th anniversary of Texas Independence, the Texans for True Conservatives PAC has announced that it will be supporting The Texas Independence Referendum Act (H.B. 1359) filed in the Texas Legislature by Republican Kyle Biedermann from Texas House District 73.

“Texans believe Washington, D.C. is irrevocably broken and corrupt.  For too many years, federal overreach into the average Texan’s liberty and freedoms have gone unchecked.  In recent polling, the evidence is clear that the average Texan has reached the point where the overwhelming majority believe that Texas and Texans would be better served if Texas were to negotiate a ‘Brexit-styled’ negotiated separation,” stated Texans for True Conservatives PAC founder and director, David Thomas Roberts.

H.B. 1359 does not call for the immediate separation from the United States but asks the legislature to place a referendum on the ballot next November for Texans to determine whether Texas should once again become an independent Republic.

“This is just the first step in a long process to achieve a new Republic of Texas.  Even those legislators who may disagree with separation should not cloud their judgment whether Texans have the inalienable and God-given right to self-determination,” added Roberts.

On the question of whether Texas could survive as an independent nation, Texas’s GDP is larger than Russia, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Spain, and Australia and would rank as the 10th largest in the world using 2019 GDP data.

Asked about the legal question of a negotiated separation, Roberts said, “Texas independence is not a legal question; it’s a political question.  We’ve seen how political forces have changed the global landscape, sometimes seemingly overnight.  From the fall of the Berlin wall to recent successful Brexit question in Great Britain.”

“Texans feel disenfranchised.  A final straw for many Texans occurred when Texas’ electoral college votes were effectively canceled out by other states’ highly questionable voter integrity processes.  Additional disappointment in the Supreme Court ruling claiming Texas has ‘no standing’ in that cancellation of their electoral college votes have incensed many. To add insult, Texans are staring at funding financially irresponsible broken Democratic cities and states under the guise of Covid-19 relief with their hard-earned tax dollars.  Texans have simply had enough of D.C. and the federal behemoth,” added Roberts.

Our PAC will be massing the support of Texas legislators during this session.  The PAC has a conservative pledge that certain candidates and legislators have taken and ultimately determines the gravity of support for (or against) current legislators.  We fully expect our legislators who have taken the Conservative Pledge to fulfill their commitment to the ultimate resolution to Texas sovereignty by signing on and voting for H.B. 1359 and to sponsor a companion bill in the Texas Senate.”

About Texans for True Conservatives:

Texans for True Conservatives (TFTC) are volunteer Texas patriots from all walks of life, business and communities who have a vested interest in maintaining real Texas values. We support traditional Texas values that include our unique Texas sovereignty, Life, the 2nd Amendment, extremely limited government, balanced budgets, low taxes, school choice, religious freedom, strong military and law enforcement, privacy rights and all other values Texans hold dear. Texans for True Conservatives was founded by entrepreneur, Best-selling author, CEO and conservative political activist David Thomas Roberts. Texans for True Conservatives is dedicated to supporting REAL Texas Conservatives and exposing those politicians and government officials who claim to be Conservative, but who are not.

Media Contact:

David Roberts