Texas State Legislator Steve Toth Commits to the Texas Conservative Pledge, Leads on Conservative Values

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September 24, 2020 (The Woodlands, Texas USA) – Republican Steve Toth, Texas Legislator from House District 15 has signed the Texas Conservative Pledge put forward by Texans for True Conservatives.

The Texas state legislature version of Texas Conservative Pledge contains twenty-seven core conservative value in which candidates or elected officeholders commit to defending, sponsoring or co-sponsoring specific legislation in the next legislative session.

Key issues in the pledge address key Texas conservative values that include ending property and franchise taxes, term limits, religious freedom, historical monument protection, healthcare and voter ID, among others.

“Steve Toth has proven to be a reliable conservative. His recent pushback on Governor Abbott’s Covid restrictions to open businesses and unwavering support of the protection of the Alamo Cenotaph are prime examples of the type of leadership conservative Texans demand in Austin. His commitment to The Texas Conservative Pledge now cements Steve as one of the foremost conservative leaders in the Texas House,” stated Texas CPAC founder David Thomas Roberts.

Regarding his commitment to the Pledge, Representative Toth stated, “There is only one purpose for government and that is for the preservation of our God-given liberty. The pursuit and preservation of liberty is only sustained when like-minded elected stewards are held accountable. The Texans for True Conservatives organization is committed to preserving liberty and holding these stewards accountable.”

The Texans for True Conservatives have constructed conservative pledges for federal, state and local elected office candidates and incumbents. The website will announce new signatures on the pledges as they occur.

Currently, pledges are being distributed to all federal and state officeholders and candidates for the November elections.

About Texans for True Conservatives:

Texans for True Conservatives (TFTC) are volunteer Texas patriots from all walks of life, business and communities who have a vested interest in maintaining real Texas values. We support traditional Texas values that include our unique Texas sovereignty, Life, the 2nd Amendment, extremely limited government, balanced budgets, low taxes, school choice, religious freedom, strong military and law enforcement, privacy rights and all other values Texans hold dear. Texans for True Conservatives was founded by entrepreneur, Best-selling author, CEO and conservative political activist David Thomas Roberts. Texans for True Conservatives is dedicated to supporting REAL Texas Conservatives and exposing those politicians and government officials who claim to be Conservative, but who are not.

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Heather Siler